Newsletters Help You Stay top-of-Mind for Your Customers

You know you need to stay top-of-mind with your clients and customers. But how do you do that?

Let me tell you a story about a woman named Kat. Kat was a realtor. One challenge realtors face is that people aren’t buying and selling houses every day. Rather, buying or selling a house is transaction that most people will only go through  or three times in their entire lives. So Kat didn’t get a lot of repeat business.

To overcome this challenge, Kat’s real estate business sent out a monthly e-newsletter.

A few years back, Kat met Nick at a networking event. Nick subscribed to Kat’s e-newsletter, and browsed through it every month. He didn’t read it thoroughly; just enough to have a general idea of what Kat was up to in her business.

One day, Nick was at a networking event where he met Brian. Brian’s family was growing, and he was in the market for a new house. Did Nick know any good realtors?

Even though Nick hadn’t talked to Kat in months, Kat was top-of-mind for Nick because he had just read her e-newsletter earlier that week. So when Brian asked Nick for a referral, he remembered Kat, and gave Brian Kat’s name. All of a sudden, that contact Kat made with Nick years before was paying dividends for Kat as she now had a new real-estate client. All because she regularly sent out an e-newsletter and was able to stay top-of-mind for Nick.

A Cost-Effective Way to Stay in Front of People Who Know You

E-newsletters, as you can see, are an easy and cost-effective way to stay in front of people you’ve met. When they meet someone in need of your product or service, or when they themselves need your help, you’re the first person they’re going to call.

Contact The Virtual Inkwell for Help Writing Your E-Newsletter

If you think your business would benefit from an e-newsletter but you find that you don’t have the time to consistently write and send one, contact The Virtual Inkwell today. I’ll help you set up a publishing schedule, and we’ll work together to create compelling content, delivered to your customers and prospects once a month.

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